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Athlete Unleashed has helped athletes in field-based and water sports improve their performance by helping them increase strength, speed and fitness.

As the pioneers of Sports Performance Training in Sri Lanka, we offer a personalized and innovative approach to training, by building a solid athletic foundation, while staying focused on the individual goals of each athlete. Our unique and scientifically developed programs focus on improving stamina, speed and agility, explosive power and functional strength.

All athletes training at Athlete Unleashed are closely supervised as the coach takes them through their workout, paying close attention to proper technique and safety.


Whether your goal is weight loss, strength, injury rehabilitation or to simply get a great workout, our coaches cater to the needs of men and women regardless of age and fitness levels. The Adult Performance Program for Adults focuses on maximizing fat loss and improving flexibility, core strength, total body strength and cardiovascular fitness. 

Athlete Unleashed has helped men and women of all ages move better, feel better, reduce fat and increase energy through their programs. 

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